General Ledger

General Ledger is the heart of financial accounting. It manages cash, accounting entries and financial reports.
The Most Important Functions:
  • Impacting cash in hand and cash at the bank by receivables, payables, deposits, transfers, and accounts adjustments. 

  • Cheques management and processing banks reconciliation with the differences in organization records and bank tally.

  • Issuing control requests for transactions and approve them in entries and vouchers.

  • Counting cash in hand according to the applied procedures in the organization.

  • Issuing miscellaneous reports such as account statement, general journal, trial balance, profits and losses, balance sheet, …etc.

  • Carrying out the transactions of matching and required financial adjustments between accounts.

The Most Important Features:
  • Direct displaying of transactions and knowing the organization’s financial status.

  • Following up installments payment, and cheques collection as well as specifying and paying liabilities.

  • Matching accounts transaction and following up the accruals of customers and vendors.

  • Designing cash flows, final, and financial statements reports according to the organization.

  • Evaluating the organization business outcomes by profit and loss reports during any defined period.

The general ledger is the financial interface whose accounts are integrated with a carried out transaction in all OnyxPro Systems.

Auditing and Posting

Auditing Management is system for auditing accountants documents on transactions and approved them by conformity, disconformity or rejection.
The Most Important Functions:
  • Auditing different documents for all transactions that have a financial impact and approve them.

  • Matching miscellaneous accounts statements with total balances or items details such as statements of customers, vendors, and others, in addition to carrying out the required processing.

  • Monitoring accounts management and controlling performance …..

The Most Important Features:
  • Not allowing carrying out any closing unless all documents are audited.

  • The capability of issuing reports of audited and unaudited documents.

  • Issuing reports that are displayed after auditing.

  • Ensuring any transaction and its correct procedures before approving to be carried out.

  • Evaluating the carried out transactions during any period.

  • Issuing miscellaneous reports of audited and unaudited transactions; issuing accounts statements before and after auditing; and discovering the audited, unaudited and rejected transactions. 

Auditing Management System achieves consolidation of precise and specialized procedures of auditing transactions that have a financial impact from any system of OnyxPro package.

LC Management

LC Management System manages carrying out all types of incoming and outcoming LC with the capability of expending, canceling or forfeiting LCs.
The Most Important Functions:
  • Inputting all types of LCs as well as defining the accounts that may be affected by them.

  • Issuing all types of LCs such as real state, commercial, personal, in kind, ..etc with the option of affecting accounts or not.

  • Confirming LC expansion by available options such as validity period, increase or decrease the amount. 

  • Following up LCs through miscellaneous reports and many options as types, status, and phases.

  • Inputting data of bank guarantees, commissions, guaranties charges, and its impacts.

The Most Important Features:
  • Following up the business that has coverage with guarantees related to completion dates or accruals and conformity with LC requirements.

  • Handling the incoming and outgoing LCS and recognizing related commitments.

  • The capability of handling various types of commercial, real estate, bank, and other guarantees.

LCs are legal and precautious procedures related to purchases and projects execution for which all OnyxPro systems are used.

Budget Management

Budget is an actual plan for financial period of future. It is used by the organization to achieve its goals as is the tool of planning, controlling, coordinating, communicating, motivating, monitoring, evaluating, processing any violation.   
The Most Important Functions:
  • Issuing budget draft according to any needed period (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly) or according to format wanted by the organization management.

  • Issuing quick budget to work on it such as using the budget of previous year by adding a percentage on it.

  • The capability of executing procedures of transfer between budget items.

The Most Important Features:
  • Changing the organization strategy to work program and ensuring that transactions are carried out correctly to achieve its goals defined in the budget.

  • The capability to work on the multi-version budget until the approval of the planned budget approved.

  • Expecting before occurrence by using the available options in the budget.

  • Motivating employees to do their best with the participation of their managers in budgets preparation and considering those budgets as actual ones could be achieved.

  • Comparing the actual results of budgets, processing the negative results and encouraging positive results.

  • Linking the results of budget performance evaluation with incentives and personal expertise.

Budget Management System is fully integrated with OnyxPro Software as it deals with the items of sale, purchase, operation, performance evaluation and business results in all organization’s activities.

Import Financial Data System

Financial Data Import System: offers service of receiving financial transaction data from an external system (other than Onyx Systems) and approving that transaction in the financial entries of OnyxPro systems.
The Most Important Functions:
  • Importing financial transactions from different applications (text file - Excel - intermediate database).

  • Fixing more than a template for text files and Excel files in case of importing from multiple systems with different templates forms.

  • 3.Linking accounts and currencies, cash in hand, banks, customers, vendors and other charts when their configurations are different from charts configuration of OnyxPro Systems.

  • Defining documents types and their analytical types to distinguish the imported transitions from the linked external systems.

  • Importing financial transactions directly to journal entries or journal voucher.

The Most Important Features:
  • The flexibility of OnyxPro System integration with specialized systems.

  • Eliminating need to inputting financial transactions manually by importing them from systems via many applications.

  • Displaying reports by the charts of OnyxPro Systems and by external charts in the case of linking charts to facilitate matching.

The System of Linking with External Systems proves the capability of OnyxPro Systems to handling requirements of clients who have a relationship with other software.