Customers Accounts

Accounts Receivable System is used for defining and classifying customers, managing customers’ data, following up sales and collection transactions through fast and detailed reports and analyzing customers’ indebtedness.
The Most Important Functions:
1.Coding promoters’, representatives’, collectors’ and drivers’ data; and then linking them with their accounts in General Ledger.
2.Opening customers’ accounts, inputting their detailed data and linking them with collectors and representatives according to their areas and itineraries.
3.Specifying special prices for customers; defining credit period and debt limit; and encoding free quantities, discounts, commissions, …etc. 
4.Inputting all customers transactions and discounts; scheduling their indebtedness, inputting representative collections; and calculating customers’ and representatives’ commissions.
5.Classifying customers in levels according to multiple standards of evaluation such repayment rate, net sales or profit margin, …etc.
The Most Important Features:
1.Providing control on customer indebtedness, credit period and grace period for each client.
2.Issuing customers’ accounts statements, and debts reports in various options, as well as linking with multiple years to ensure the right calculation of debt age.
3.Monitoring extra discounts for customers and linking those extra discounts with sale transaction to ensure recovering them when returns occur.
4.Issuing reports of representatives, collectors, and commissions, as well as evaluating their performance.
Accounts Receivable System impacts on Inventory Management System. OnyxPro Systems integrate in exchange of impact on sales and stocks in all cases of organization activities.


Sales Management

Sales management system to manage everything related to sales transactions like quotations, orders, sales, returns, and also sales reports and statistics analysis.
The Most Important Functions:
1.The possibility of coding multiple types of sales, orders, returns and sales charges.
2.Completing, following up, and evaluating all sales procedures such as issuing customers orders and quotations, as well as inputting sales and returns invoices.
3.Crediting the financial impact automatically on accounts related to revenues and receivables, cash and others.
4.Handling promotional offers in flexible and multiple options.
The Most Important Features:
1.Configuring sales management system flexibly regarding prices, serialization mechanism of invoices returns, method of granting free items and discounts, in addition to preparing promotional offers and so on.
2.Issuing data reports about sales transactions, returns, customers orders, and quotations in form of total or detailed and in multiple options.
3.The possibility of issuing comparison reports that includes required information in various options. 
Sales Management System is fully integrated to all OnyxPro Systems.


Distribution Management

Distribution Management System is a plan of promotion, sale and collection to conquer the targeted markets with the best performance.    
The Most Important Functions:
1.Configuring advantages of customers, agents, distributors, and representatives as well as their expenses.
2.Configuring accurate and flexible performance indicators for representatives and supervisors, which can be updated.
3.Setting up plans of itineraries for sales representatives and promoters by products, regions or any other category approved by the organization in accordance to its study for the market and competitors.
4.Carrying out system transactions such as invoices and vouchers by Android or Pocket PC devices.
5.Stocktaking the customers inventory to monitor items transaction with customers.
6.Saving and analyzing the information provided by representatives about the market and competitors.
The Most Important Features:
1.Quick and easy access to detailed information about items, customers, agents, promoters and prices, and the outcomes representatives study of the market and competitors.
2.Reducing risks of loss of goods and collected amounts.
3.Issuing reports according to the required options as route lines, regions, products, or representatives; in addition to statistical information about performance, market, and competitors.
Distribution System is linked to sale, customer, warehouses, employee and others. OnyxPro Systems handle with Distribution System data and integrate with its procedures.


Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service System for developing maintenance workshops performance in following up their ongoing services provided after the sale of products in industrial companies or their agencies.
The Most Important Functions:
1.Receiving and checking machines as well as clients data needed by the company.
2.Issuing operation orders according to machine type, service, and parts that the client’s machine may require.
3.Following up operation orders and service execution phases; and recording all necessary details.
4.Approving the final report of maintenance; and issuing machine out permit. 
The Most Important Features:
1.Following up received machines status in maintenance until they have been delivered to clients. 
2.Evaluating engineers performance and services provided by company. 
3.Following up amounts disbursed or received for operation orders.
4.Classifying all company services and dealing with them as service items.
5.Showing operation order with details in sales invoice to be issued as an invoice.
6.Issuing miscellaneous reports to follow up operation orders, clients’ machines, engineers performance level with various options that help in work analysis and development. 
Maintenance Services are warranties for clients, and are carried out by companies that need OnyxPro systems for its resources management. Maintenance Services System in the company workshop is a deserved advantage for the company and for the clients.



POS System is used by cashiers to manage and organize payment of clients purchases amounts quickly and easily in retail stores and shopping malls.
The Most Important Functions:
1.Direct selling via automatic reading of items barcodes and issuing the client’s invoice.
2.Receiving the invoice amount in any defined currency in the system and in various methods of payment (cash, on credit, credit card, purchase coupons, returned invoice).
3.Handling promotional offers and discount rates on sold goods.
4.Processing and monitoring cash returns and replacements according to the organization policy.
5.Inputting clearances of cashiers’ sales and daily financial imprests, matching them with actual sales, and generating entries of deficit or surplus differences automatically.
6.Posting total sales and returns every day for each cashier by the points of sales he/she used.
The Most Important Features:
1.The possibility of selling directly on main server or on sub servers to be posted later to the main server.
2.The possibility of defining a POS to receive cash and other points for selling and issuing invoices.
3.Quick transaction of selling accurately and efficiently with the capability of keyboard configuration for specific items.
4.Issuing multiple reports in detailed options for cash and on credit sales, discounts, returns, net sales, …etc. at the level of every point of sale and every cashier (user).
5.Handling the weighted items via updating their data and prices in scales.
6.Monitoring cashiers (users) sales and transactions of points in addition to getting statistical indicators for that.
7.The possibility to specify the level of pricing for POS when needed.
8.Granting secret numbers to clients buying on credit, as well as monitoring their indebtedness ceiling.
POS System is fully integrated with Sales, Inventory, and GL systems.