Purchases Management System is a mediator between the organization’s vendors of goods and its warehouses. It is a fully integrated module with OnyxPro systems.


Credit Management

Bank Credits Management System breaks the time barrier in calculating the costs of a defined unit from targeted goods by analyzing its costs from the source to the company warehouse.

The Most Important Functions

  • Inputting various bank credits data and linking them with the credit account and its expenses.

  • Configuring credits costs types such as (FOB – CIF – CFR): in addition to the possibility of coding and adding additional expenses.

  • Distributing credit expenses amounts with several methods according to company desire.

  • Handling promissory notes related to credits and following up their maturity.

The Most Important Features

  • Following up all types of foreign purchases and inputting expenses.

  • The possibility of using multi-payment credit.

  • Analyzing purchases costs and adding a fair percentage of expenses to items.

  • The speed following up of bank credit data, order, cargo, movement, and arrival.

  • Issuing miscellaneous overall and detailed reports of credit and items costs.

Bank Credits Management is related to financial registration for credit value, expenses, and close. All these are carried out in OnyxPro systems accounts.


Vendors Accounts


Accounts Payable is a system for defining vendors, their data management, following up all related to them, analyzing their levels, and their accruals reports.   

The Most Important Functions

  • Opening vendors account as well as inputting its detailed data and all its links as one account or linked to the group.

  • Carrying out system transactions such as requests of quotation, purchase, and release in addition to purchase orders, supply, and …etc.

  • Writing and issuing vendors contracts to follow up on their implementation and their other procedures.

  • Identifying vendor indebtedness document when you make payment.

  • Inputting vendors invoices and following up accruals.

The Most Important Features

  • Following up due dates of vendor indebtedness and debts ages credited to organization account.

  • Monitoring free items, discounts, and commissions for any defined period.

  • Issuing miscellaneous detailed and overall reports for vendors and accrued invoices.

  • Accounts Payable System is fully integrated with OnyxPro systems.


Purchases Management


Purchases Management is a system to manage purchase transactions procedures in all stages. It adopts competition taking into account purchases standards and specifications.  

The Most Important Functions

  • Issuing and validating purchase requests in all different departments of the company.

  • Inputting vendors quotations and studying them to select the best.

  • Coding vendors discounts and free quantities by item.

  • Issuing purchases invoices, delivery permissions, and purchase returns invoices.

  • Calculating purchases costs, discounts, and cost per unit with expenses.

The Most Important Features

  • The possibility to share out purchases expenses through options based on items groups classification in different percentages.

  • The multiplicity of warehouses in purchase orders, invoices, and delivery orders.

  • Following up delivery dates of purchases batches.

  • Issuing detailed and overall reports for purchase transactions in multiple options such as purchase invoices, returns, and net purchases.

  • The possibility of handling services as classified items to carry out procurement procedures on them.